What My Awesome Clients Say

I gained a lot of confidence and now I'm blogging regularly and increasing my email subscribers!  
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“Starting a new business can be a daunting experience and I had the additional hurdle of being someone who was tech challenged. The thought of creating a business from scratch and trying to create my own website was overwhelming and exhausting.

Thankfully I found Heather and she came to the rescue! I couldn't be happier with the beautiful custom website and ezine she designed. But what has been even more valuable for me has been our coaching sessions together.

Heather's style of coaching is like the perfect 'business soup'. She has all of the right ingredients - she's down to earth, supportive and friendly but will also give you the kick in the behind that you need. I've gained a lot of confidence working with Heather and am now stepping out of my comfort zone on a regular basis.

I'm blogging regularly, increasing my email subscribers and am working on a virtual coaching program. I highly recommend Heather to anyone who needs a professional website and business coaching!”

Kelly Buchanan, Career to Entrepreneur Coach, Boston, MA

Finding Heather was the best thing I could do to grow my business online!  
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Finding Heather was the best thing I could do to grow my business online. I’ve been able to rely on her and her team to take care of the many components involved in developing a great website, from technology that keeps the site running without a hitch, to creating a beautiful design.

With her background in coaching, Heather is a natural in guiding her clients. She even consulted with me on content creation, encouraging me to express my own voice. If you’re looking for a great website team, by all means, contact Heather!"

Nita Ewald, Nurture with Nita, Chagrin Falls, OH

My business grew by 75% in the last few months and it continues to grow!  
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“After just the first two private coaching sessions with Heather I already felt a change in how I saw and treated my business. Heather showed me how to focus on one idea at a time and allow it to grow before adding more and more complex services, or even just ideas, to my business and especially my website.

My favorite piece of advice that has stuck with me was “to let the water boil” on one thing so that I could apply success from that area to others.

Since our work began I have seen my business grow 75% in the last few months and it continues to grow. Not only that, but I'm enjoying my business so much more! (We were on the verge of breaking up before I found Heather!)

She certainly praised me but she also was straightforward and honest about things that needed fixing. I respond really well to that, and I can't thank her enough for her patience and wisdom. I look forward to having her as my business and marketing coach for a long time!

Sandra Maurer, CD, RYT, WholeBeginnings Holistic Pregnancy and New Mama Wellness, Sioux Falls, SD

Heather will make launching and running your website easy!  
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“As a small service-based business owner, I try to wear ALL hats at the same time. One of those hats is technology which can be complicated, time-consuming and frankly, not too interesting.

If you do the same, then Heather Cottrell has simple solutions that will make launching and running your website smooth and easy.

What really surprises me about Heather is that she is not only a “techie”, she is VERY passionate about getting the technological aspects of your business running professionally and easily. She LOVES this stuff and has a low tolerance for complicated solutions.

Hire Heather and get on with doing what you do best!”

Ellie Ballentine, The Mindset Mentor, Quebec, Canada

Heather can help you fast-track getting your message known.  
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“One of the biggest mistakes wellness pros make is trying to do everything themselves. Trying to do everything yourself costs you tons in time wasted, money ill spent and opportunities lost.

Not to mention all the aggravation!

Heather can make your life so much easier and help you fast-track getting your message known.

Do yourself and your biz a favor and hire her now before she’s all booked up.”

Karin Witzig Rozell, Wellness Professional Network, Granville, NY

Heather helped me build my business by listening to me and providing excellent feedback.  
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“Heather did a fantastic job making sure my website looked awesome. She matched the colors from my business card to my website and they are vibrant and add so much to the site. I get compliments on my website everyday. I couldn’t have done it without Heather.

She has also helped me build my business by listening to me and providing excellent, detailed feedback. All of her suggestions have been right on. I’m so happy to have Heather on my team. She is responsible, a clear thinker and gets the job done.”

Christine Boutross, Personal Trainer and Health Coach, Brooklyn, NY

Heather is a great combination of business coach and website designer!  
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“Before I started working with Heather, my site was just like any other IIN student. It was nice to have, but it didn’t show my personality or speak to my target market. In fact, I was still trying to figure out who my target market was going to be.

After my first session with Heather I was inspired and excited about what she could do for me. She gave me the tools to narrow down my target market and really figure out what I wanted my site to say. Plus, she did all the work setting it up so I didn’t have to.

I am very happy with the final result. My site looks fantastic! Heather is a great combination of business coach and website designer and I highly recommend her if you are looking to take your website to the next level.”

Alison Blair, Health Coach, Concord, CA

I transformed my career and I feel so confident now!  
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“As an authentic and intuitive coach Heather showed me how to develop greater clarity on my life path. She guided me to get focused and set goals that transformed my career. Her firm and caring style held me accountable and helped me move forward towards my vision for my unique business expanding into a new brand as a beauty and wellness consultant.

I felt consistently motivated and inspired as I developed new confidence in myself and released the fears that held me back from following my passion.”

Rebecca Casciano, Makeup Artist & Holistic Wellness Consultant, Brooklyn, NY

Great suggestions not only for the design, but the content as well.  
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“Heather, I just wanted to thank you for reminding me of what I need to do to make my website more user friendly. As you know so well, what’s the point of driving traffic to your site if it’s not going to effectively attract clients?

You have such great suggestions not only for the design but the content as well. I feel confident that once we make the changes we discussed, and perhaps more as you will so wisely see fit, my list will begin to grow!”

Harriet Broder, Coach, Potomac, MD

Heather saved me hours of time… and helped me feel like more of an expert.  
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“I was excited to get my business page set up on Facebook but when I tried doing it myself it was not only taking time away from my work, but I knew I wasn’t using the features and functionality to their fullest. That’s when I called Heather!

With her warm and friendly personality, she kindly set up a brief chat to discuss my needs and how she works. Done! I signed up on the spot.

Her Facebook package included a how-to coaching session, which I thought was such a great feature. During our call, I got to ask questions, learned how to get people to “like” me, and received lots of tips on how to share posts in relevant ways that reflect my brand.

Thank you Heather for saving me hours of time, giving me confidence, and making me feel like more of an expert on Facebook and how I run my business.”

Lisa Cummings, Health and Nutrition Coach, Westport, CT

Heather guided me to consistently tap into my inner power.  
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“Heather is awesome! Her support has been immeasurable and greatly appreciated. She gently guides you to tap into your inner power and firmly advocates for you to use it. She is a true blessing, I looked forward to each phone session because I learned something new each time.

Now I’m more aware of myself and not judging the way I feel, eat or act. I learned to be more compassionate towards myself.

Everyone needs a Heather in their life!”

Lai Har Cheung, Holistic Health Counselor, Philadelphia, PA

I learned having a great business doesn't have to be all sweat and tears.  
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“I was at a point where I realized if I didn't get help with the technical parts of my business I wouldn't be able to move forward with it and grow.

Now I have a great website that works well and allows me to do more online marketing and draw more clients.

I really enjoyed Heather's support and guidance with writing new content for my website. The coaching process really helped me fine-tune my message and clarify how I want to run my business. She reinforced for me once again the power of positive thinking and how important it is in getting what you want.

I especially appreciated the patience you showed during my tech training session patience on how to use AWeber. I feel so good every time I publish my eNewsletter and I love the positive feedback I get from my list.

These changes have enabled me to settle into a more defined work schedule. Writing my eNewsletter and posting on Facebook help keep me in touch with my prospective clients. I'm getting more done everyday and I look forward to helping/supporting more people and reaching my financial goals.

One of the most valuable things about my coaching sessions was the constant reminder that my business will be what I want it to be if I believe in it. And that having a great business doesn't have to be all sweat and tears. If you stick to what you love and what "feels good" amazing things can happen.”

Kathi Mooney, Nutrition Counselor, Pearl River, NY

My ezine list is growing bigger every day thanks to my kick-ass website!  
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“I needed a website for my newly-formed career coaching business, and knew that it was best put into the hands of someone who a) understood coaches, and b) knew what they were doing. If I had attempted to do it all myself, I KNOW that endless procrastination and a not-so-spectacular result would have likely been my reality, given how overwhelming this stuff can feel to someone who's NOT super HTML/web design savvy like me.

Now I feel extremely confident because I have a website that is slick, professional and eye-catching that represents me and who I am. I love my custom header and the colors and design incorporated into my site as a whole. My site is bright, dynamic and 'comes alive' and perfectly speaks to my target audience. It kicks ass!

I also really love the ezine optin campaign, autoresponder tools and integrations Heather and her team set up for me. Every day I'm getting email notifications of new people subscribing to my ezine! They make it possible for my site to work for ME even while I'm sleeping.

Through the process Heather always took the time to make sure what we were creating made me happy and comfortable.

I especially enjoyed the one-on-one "how to" sessions with Heather during which she walked me through populating my blog and ezine from start to finish; easy to understand! She has a deep understanding of the various technologies involved and is a great resource and go-to person for all things website tech-related.

I appreciated Heather's holistic 'big picture' approach to everything. She gets down to the nitty-gritty of what's needed at the various underlying technical levels that most laypeople like me have no clue about. One simple page on a site may in fact have several sub-pages and integrated applications affiliated with it. She took care of all of that, and took the time and worry off my hands completely. Peace of mind, ahhh! :)”

Vicki Aubin, The Rockin' Career Coach, New York, NY

My business is really blossoming and I'm making so many more virtual connections!  
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“I wanted a WordPress website that reflected who I am, identifies my brand, and helps me reach my target market of 40+ Moms who are ready to nourish their way to a vibrant life and flourish. I wanted an attractive and irresistible optin form to match my logo and newsletter banner.

I wasn't using my former site as a resourceful tool to connect because it didn't feel like me. Therefore I wasted time by not reaching out, sharing my site, and blogging. I was really so tired of my replicated student site and more than ready for a unique look.

I knew I didn't have the technical savvy to create the site I wanted so I looked for someone with the technical savvy and also the holistic background to help me. Heather has the skills and background I was looking for.

My new website makes it easier for me to target, attract, engage, and connect with my tribe and lead me to dream and think big. I am now blogging more regularly, creating more opportunities, and making a healthy financial contribution to my family so we can all live our lives to the fullest.

Having an attractive optin has increased my subscribers. Having a streamlined system has increased my confidence and enabled me to reach out more effectively and my business is blossoming. Since the site reflects me more effectively and has the tech to back it up it resonates with more people and I have made so many more virtual connections.

I love having a signature site that represents me. I am a vibrant person and I help women create a vibrant life and flourish so I love that the colors and my logo elicit vibrancy. I love having a blog cloud so prospective clients can go back and find articles organized by topic. I felt that the blog posts just got buried in my old site. I love the possibilities and capabilities WordPress offers, although I still have a lot to learn.

I appreciated Heather's expertise, direction, and collaboration. I have a tendency to want things to be perfect and complicate things so her deadlines, accountability, and simplifying strategies were very helpful.”

Judy Griffin, CHHC Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach, Rockville Centre, NY

Working with Heather has paid off immensely!  
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“I worked with Heather for nearly a year and was so happy with our time together. She is encouraging, motivating and creative. She pushed me beyond my comfort zone and it has paid off immensely.

I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her.”

Heather McCoy, Wellness From Within, Burlington, VT

My website positions me to be seen and respected in the world.  
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“As a body worker, I knew nothing of the world of computers. As I was wanting to expand my local business beyond my city I needed help. My products and services are world class but to let everyone else know that, my website needed to be that as well.

I feel proud of my first class website, and I love the feel of it. It reflects who I am and therefore I feel there is integrity behind the message. I feel I positioned myself to be seen and respected in the world as a result of the work we did together.

I love the fact that Heather and her team are always growing and learning. I am just starting to realize the enormity of work required to stay on top of this ever-changing world. Heather is a true leader and her work reflects the level of passion she has.

Every day, I look forward to sharing my message with the world. My website is the home for my message and products so to feel things are in place brings huge peace of mind.

I highly recommend Heather for anyone wanting a first class site. She is strong, direct, kind, compassionate and extremely efficient - the type of person that is a joy to work with.”

Deanna Hansen, Fluid Isometrics, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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