How this Health Coach Got Techie

My lifelong struggle with my weight and bouts of depression led me to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I didn’t enroll with any thought of starting a business as a health coach (whoever heard of such a thing!), but in January of 2005, half-way through my training, I did. I launched a health coaching business with my first two paying clients!

It was such an exciting time, and later that year I quit my full-time j.o.b. and left the corporate world behind. Over the next six years, I worked really hard to build my health coaching business and create the life I wanted.

Heather Cottrell - web design and business coaching for health coaches and holistic wellness practitioners

Green juice and awesome tech… together at last

I tell ya, it wasn’t easy. Many mistakes were made – some success was had – and endless lessons were learned!

During that time, my business outgrew its IIN template website, then the website I made, until finally I created my first custom website. (Hint: just get a custom website now, and save yourself the time and energy of starting over again, and again ;)

I’ve loved computers since I was about 12 years old, and this tech stuff has always come pretty easily to me.

So easily in fact, that I built those websites, plus my newsletter account with custom templates, set up my credit card merchant accounts, online scheduler, Facebook page – all that stuff – without a second thought.

I actually enjoyed the process of getting my business tech in place!

To be honest, I spent way more time fussing with all the behind-the-scenes tech parts of my health coaching business, while avoiding some of the more challenging business-building steps I could have been more focused on.

As my tech got better, and my business got bigger, more and more of my fellow health coaches started emailing me to say how great my website looked, how much they wished they knew how to get their newsletter systems set up and wondering how I started my Facebook page.

At first, I’d give a couple of tips to my friends, but kept my focus on my health and life coaching business.

A Tech Coach is Born

Then one day, six years later, in Dorset, Vermont, everything changed.

It was a business retreat in May 2011, and my coach, Karin, was giving some advice to a colleague about why she should collect payment upfront for her upcoming cleanse group. They were talking vaguely about how she could set that up, and I chimed in from across the room with some simple how-to’s for her.

Karin, who I’d been working with for a couple of years already, suddenly turned towards me with this look on her face that told me – told the whole room – her brain was working fast.

Now I had just spent the last two days of the retreat refining my business, working on new programs and marketing materials. So when she turned to me and said “I have an interesting idea for you”, I wasn’t sure I wanted to hear it.

Heather Cottrell - web design, custom graphics and business coaching for health coaches and holistic wellness professionals

Nervous and excited at the retreat in Dorset, VT

She suggested I draft an email to my list, which already contained many fellow coaches, offering my tech services.

At first I wasn’t ready to consider putting aside all the years of work I’d done to try her wacky new idea.

I’m not a tech geek! I’m a health and life coach!

Back at home, I remained torn, until I remembered a promise I made to myself when I invested in coaching that year. I swore I would try anything Karin suggested – no excuses.

So on June 23rd, six weeks later, I finally sent that email out.

Immediately, I was in business!

With one email, Get Awesome Tech was born. Within a week, I signed my first two clients and scheduled six breakthrough sessions for July.

My business income was higher in June 2011 than it had been all year, and then I doubled it in July! It was all such a great surprise… but it also felt so right.

In the months that followed, I finally experienced ease in my business. I was in the flow. What a rush!

Soon after, I closed my health and life coaching practice as my new business was growing fast. My former website remains live as one of many examples I share with my clients as they write new content, develop coaching programs and choose the look and feel of their websites.

The lesson here is DO NOT ignore what comes easily to you.

Your business may not end up looking the way you imagined, but if you want to be successful – and attract clients easily – just allow it to unfold.

Drop your resistance, and let it flow.

In 2012, my business income was four times greater than 2011! Looking back, I don’t regret my journey from those first health histories I completed in early 2005 to the websites I’m launching for my clients today.

In hindsight, it’s clear that I was trying to force something to happen that wasn’t really me.

But I couldn’t see that for myself, and I’m certain I’d be back in a corporate job, hating my life, if I didn’t have a business coach to guide me.

By the way, if you’d like to read my coach’s side of this story, check out Karin’s book, where she recounts this same tale as one of her favorite client case studies.

Every day, I create the business and life I want.


Me and my sweet boy

As I was building my new business, I started looking into how to make my other dream come true. I turned 40 in 2012 and was still very single, even though I spent most of my 30s dating. I wanted to be a mother and I began researching how I might do it on my own.

In March of 2014, with the help of a fertility doctor, acupuncturist, vision boarding, hormone shots, natural supplements and a sperm bank, I got pregnant – on my first try – and 36 weeks later, my baby boy was born.

Going to IIN was the best, and most life-changing, decision I ever made. Until I chose to become a single mother by choice. He is the greatest joy of my life, and my dream come true!

I am living proof that you can create anything you want if you start with clarity, partner with the right experts and do the work. 

Let me show you how to get your business to the next level!

Nowadays I split my time between building custom websites and business tech for wellness pros, coaching my clients towards the ease and business success they deserve to experience in their lives and doing the single Mom thing (which I adore!)

If you’re a passionate health coach or other wellness professional (nutritionist, therapist, life coach, body worker, etc) and you’d like to grow your business and get it online in a professional way, then get in touch today.

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To you and your awesome business,
Heather Cottrell - web design, custom graphics and business coaching for health coaches and holistic wellness practitioners